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Mechantiques - Mechanical musical instruments bougth, sold & traded


Book Inventory: May 8, 2009
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 <% if month(date)=> 1 AND month(date)=< 5 AND Year(Date)=2009 then response.write "NEW LISTING!" else response.write "" end if %> “The Works of Shakspere” in Two Huge Volumes With Steel Engravings. This is a two volume set totaling some 1,770 pages and many full page steel plates between the two volumes. Contents are generally in nice condition with modest foxing. Bindings are apart and worn. Title page includes: The Works of Shakspere, With Notes, By Charles Knight, New York, Virtue & Yorstun, 12, Dey Street, With Illustrations in Steel. According to the Preface the original volume came out in 1843 and these volumes were updated “twenty two years later”. Numerous lovely full page illustrations. Oversized books at 11 ¼” wide, 15 ¼” high, and about 3 ¾” thick each. And yes, the spelling in this book is “Shakspere”! $350.



The American Carousel Organ – An Illustrated Encyclopedia by Ron Bopp. This is a wonderful book on the American band organ – Wurlitzer, North Tonawanda, Artizan, Others. Lots of original research, much more comprehensive than the coverage in Bower’s Encyclopedia. 283 pages, hardback, oversized 8 ½” X 11”.  And it includes a CD of the Wurlitzer 153 Band Organ, one of the most popular band organs ever made! Highly illustrated, interesting writing. We have purchased the remaining stock from the author. Originally priced at $59.995. While they last, only $45 postpaid anywhere in the continental U.S. Quantity discounts.


Encyclopedia of Automatic Musical Instruments by Q. David Bowers. This is indeed the “bible” of automatic mechanical musical instruments – history and description of instruments of all types including music boxes, band organs, orchestrions, reproducing pianos, monkey organs, paper roll organettes, etc, etc. Wonderfully and extensively comprehensive. About 1000 pages, hardback, oversized 8 ½” X 11”. We can no longer buy new copies of this book and are almost out of our stock of new copies. We have about three of the new printing with the green cover, new, $100 postpaid in the continental U.S. We also typically have a couple of copies of the yellow or orange cover printing, used, for $85 each postpaid in the continental U.S.

The Edinburgh Encyclopedia …The First American Edition. Sir David Brewster (Editor). Eighteen Volumes Plus Two Volumes of Plates.
An extraordinary resource about the status of the sciences in 1832, accompanied by two full volumes of amazing plates (which are often seen sliced and selling for high prices individually). Joseph and Edward Parker, Philadelphia, 1832. Twenty volume set in calf. Approximately 10 ¼” X 8”. Covers/bindings fair to good and could certainly use (and be well worth) rebinding. Some pages with light to moderate foxing but contents generally in good to very good condition. The two plate volumes have approximately 545 plates, some illustrations double-page or fold-out including maps. Range of topics is extensive including geography, agriculture, industry and engineering, botany, science, etc. Sir David Brewster, incidentally, invented the kaleidoscope and there is an interesting section on that invention – these books represent an almost endless source of fascinating reading and viewing. $2,200.

Barrel Organ. Ord-Hume. Difficult to find. Covers the history of the barrel organ and some repair information. $100. (2)

Curious History of Music Boxes. Mosoriak. An early mechanical music publication from around the 1940’s I think. Brown cover, $55, (3). Green cover, $60, (2). Blue cover, excellent condition, 2nd edition, rarely found $75. Green cover, slight mildew odor, $40 (1).

Mechanical Musical Instruments. Buchner. Oversized book with many rare instruments, Eastern European. Long out of print. Black cover w/Dust Jacket $110 (2). Black cover without dust jacket $90. Lime cover 1978 reprint without DJ $50.

Musical Boxes. Hoke. $40. (4)

Nickelodeon Theaters & Their Music, Q. David Bowers, as new $65 (3)

Player Piano. The History Of The Mechanical Piano And How To Repair It. Ord-Hume. $75. (3)

Clockwork Music. Ord-Hume. An illustrated history of mechanical musical instruments. Fine. $35. (18)

Musical Box Society Technical Bulletin. 1965-1978 in bound volumes. $150 set. (1)

Rebuilding The Player Piano. Givens. $35. (2)

Cylinder Musical Box Handbook. Webb. Excellent guide to restoring cylinder music boxes. 2nd Edition. Marked first published in 1968. Hardback. (2) $60

The Musical Box Handbook. 2nd Edition. Volume 1. Cylinder Boxes. Graham Webb. Paperback. (2) $50. (1) ex library $40.

From Music Boxees To Street Organs. Deward. Hardback, $40, (4).

Piano Playing Mechanisms. White. $25 (1)

Player Piano Treasury, Roehl. A pioneering work on American mechanical musical instruments. $80. (3)

Collecting Musical Boxes and How To Repair Them. An excellent book on reapiring music boxes, both cylinder and discs. Ord-Hume. $60. (6)

Put Another Nickle In. Q. David Bowers. $75. (3)

Antique Automatons. A La Vielle Russie. 1950 Exhibition. Rare catalog from this outstanding exhibition. $150. (1)

Pictorial History of the Carousel. Fried. $50 (1)

Music Boxes. Tallis. $20. (0)

Alec Templeton’s Music Boxes. VG $35. (3) ; Good condition no DJ, $25 (2).

The Story of the Music Box, Brown, with record. $50. (2)

World Of Cars, Automobile Quarterly. Ist Edition, 1971. $70. (1)

Apollo Reproducing Rolls, supplement, December, 1926. 39 pages. $40. (1)

Apollo reproducing rolls, supplement, June, 1924. 123 pages. $45. (1)

How To Get The Most Out of your Victrola. $25. (1)

Beauty of Clocks, Pearson. $40. (1)

International Dictionary of Clocks. Alan Smith. $80. (1)

From Tinfoil To Stereo. Pioneering work on American phonographs. 1st Edition, 1959, with dust jacket. $110.

Investing In Clocks And Watches, Cumhail. $45. (1)

Historical Pianos, N.E. Michel. $85. (1)

Piano Action Repairs, Kennedy. $35. (2)

Organs For America. Armstrong. $30. (2)

Silver Anniversary Collection, MBSI, 1974. Compendium of technical articles published by the Musical Box Society. VG $75. (2). G $50 (2).

Clocks. Simon Fleet. $35. (1)

Salute To The Incredible Talking Machine. January 1977 issue of High Fidelity Magazine. $5.00. (19)

The Musical Clock, Ord Hume. $110. (0)

History Of The Musical Box, Chapuis. MBSI Translation. $40. (2).

Music Boxes, Gilbert Bahl. $45. (1)

The Musical Box, A Guide For Collectors. Ord-Hume. Updated and expanded version of “Collecting Musical Boxes and How To Restore Them”. Fine condition $75. As New $90. (2)

Organs Of The Mid-America Chapter, 1995. Compendium of organs displayed at band organ rallies over the years. $25. (0)

Musical Boxes, John Clark. Third Edition 1968. A pioneering work on music box history. Very good. DJ torn. $70. (2)

Musical Boxes & Other Musical Marvels, MBSI. A compendium of articles previously published by the Musical Box Society. $20. (1)

Music Boxes, Gilbert Bahl. Book includes information on new music boxes. No dust jacket. 80 pages. Oversized. $40. (3)

The American Reed Organ And The Harmonium. Gellerman. Autographed with dust jacket. $65. (1) Second copy, DJ, no autograph, $55. (1)

Organ, Including Also The Reed Organ, The Orchestrelle And Player Piano. Oliver C. Faust. 1949. 246 pages. $80. (1) [HOLD]

The Edison Disc Phonographs and the Diamond Discs. George Frow. DJ. $75. (1)

A Treatise on the Construction, Repairing and Tuning of the Organ., Oliver C. Faust, 1949, 4” X 5 ¾” hardcover. Library discard. $20.00 (0)

The Fairground Organ, Cockayne. VG. $70. (1)

Treasures of Mechanical Music, Reblitz. Very scarce, covers scales for mechanical pianos and organs. VG, spine weak/cuts. $250.

The Making of the Victorian Organ. Nicholas Thistlewaite. New, shrink wrapped, paperback. $55 (1)

Welte Catalog Reprint, excellent, $35 (1)

Orgel-Und Spieluhren Bau Sanssouci, Karl Bormann, 332 pages. Hardback. new. $40 (1).

The History Of The Organ In The United States. Orpha Ochse. Paperback. Fine. $35.

Wurlitzer Automatic Musical Instruments. 63 page catalog reprint. Glossy photos. Frank Adams, 400 copies printed, 1973. Fine condition. $45

Dusting off a Little History. Spring Type Phonographs. Scarce spiral bound photo book with 65 pages, 8 ½” X 11”, 1981 First Edition, First Printing. Fine condition. $75.

The Edison Cylinder Phonographss, Frow & Sefl, hardbound, 270 pages, signed by Sefl, very fine condition, Marked First Edition 1978 printed in Great Britain copy #587. $85. Another, hardcover with dustjacket, copyright 1982, VG+ $45

Cecilian Non-Destructive Player Action , Bush & Lane Piano Co. Directions etc for the player action. Original illustrated booklet, 8 ½” X 11”, very good, 28 pages. $25

Galerie D’Horlogerie Ancienne; Vente Aux Encheres VI. Illustrated catalog of a 1978 exhibition and auction. 140 lots, French and English, color illustrations. $30.

The Murtogh Guinness Collection. 1982 catalog, 31 pages. $15.

Wurlitzer Centennial Cook Book 1856 – 1956. “A book of recipes covering three generations of the Farney and Wurlitzer families and the wives of present business associates.” 172 pages. VF condition. Mostly recipes. $45.

Victor Data Book, Robert Baumbach. New, softcover. 333 pages, oversized. Compilation of factory specifications, serial numbers, production numbers, on Victor phonographs. $30.

Slot Machines A Pictorial Review, David Christensen. Hardcover. Revised 1976 version. Very good condition. $45.

Music Boxes Their Lore and Lure, Helen Hoke & John Hoke. Complete with 10” record in sleeve. 93 Pages. VG. 1957. $55.

Environments of Musical Sculpture You Can Build. Edited by John Grayson. Hardcover. Not related to mechanical music. $25.

Juke Box Saturday night, J. Krivine, 160 pages. Hardback with DJ. VG condition. $70 (1)

A Tune For A Token, Q. David Bowers. Hard to find booklet listing and illustrating tokens for music machines. 79 pages. $35.

Roll Back The Years, History of Canadian Recorded Sound and its Legacy. Moogk. Hardcover. 442 pages. With record inserted in back. DJ. VG condition. $45.

The Electrical Mastery of Music. Brochure on the Violano-Virtuoso, Viol-Cello, and Viol-Xylophone. Vestal Press repring. Oversized. 34 pages. VG condition. $35.

Oiling Instructions and List of Parts for The Regina and The Reginaphone. 4-page pamphlet. Recent Xerox. $10.

Player Pianos and Music Boxes (Keys To A Musical Past); Harvey Roehl. 48 pages.

Softcover. History of mechanical music. $30.

Instructions for Adjusting The Jennings “Today” Selective Front Vender. 19 page booklet, reprinted. $20.

How To Repair Musical Boxes. Jacot & Son. Booklet, 32 pages, Bornand reprint. $20.

Deagan Electric Musical Instruments Catalogue “F”. Probably a reprint, not marked. $40.

Origin and Development of the Music Box, Jaccard. 14 page booklet printed by the Musical Box Society. $10.

Service Book for the Violano-Virtuoso, 30 page booklet reprinted by the Vestal Press. $30.

The Story of Nipper and the His Master’s Voice Picture, painted by Francis Barraud, softcover booklet. $35.

The Mechanics of Mechanical Music, The Arrangement of Music for Automatic Instruments. Arthur W. J. G. Ord-Hume. With fold out sections. VG+. Very difficult to find. $150.

In Quest of Clocks. Kenneth Ullyett, HB. 267 pages. VG+. $20.

The Wellsprings of Music. Curt Sachs. Paperback. $10.

The Phonograph, Sustained By Its Reputation. Small booklet, 49 pages, Vestal Press reprint. $10.

Music Boxes of 1898. 24 pages. Portion of an 1898 catalog showing cylinder music boxes, Regina disc music boxes, organs. 7” X 10”. $7.00 (48)

The Regina Music Box Co. List of Parts For No. 33 & No. 34 Music Box. 4” X 8 ½”. 50 pages. Illustrated. $8.00 (17)

– Remaining Stock from Organ Literature Foundation $1.00 S&H per item):

Coinola – Reproduco 1924 catalog. 3 ½” X 6 ½”. 19 pages. Vestal Press. (13) $5.00

“The Fotoplayer”. The American Photoplayer Company. 4 ¼” X 8 ¾”. 20 pages. Catalog and endorsements. (17) $5.00

M. Welte & Sons. Catalog of orchestrion models . 5 ½” X 8 ½”. 41 pages. (18) $9.00

Music for Celestina, Mandolina and Coronet. Roll catalog with two illustrations. 5” X 6 ¾”. 34 pages. (24) $5.00

J.P. Seeburg “Instructions on Automatic Instruments”. Tuning and maintaining orchestrions. 4” X 8 ¾”. 8 pages, two illustrations. (11). $5.00

The Wurlitzer Long Roll Tracker Frame Care and Use. 1923. Covers tracker, action, coin mechanism, pipes, drive, motor. 16 pages with illustrations. (8) $10

How to Properly Take Care of Wurlitzer Duplex Roll System of Styles G and O. Set up and maintenance instructions for instruments playing these rolls, with illustrations. 7 ½” X 10”. 16 pages. (17) $10

The E. Boecker Organ and Orchestrion Company. Catalog of orchestrions, monkey organs and fairground organs. 45 pages. 8 ½” X 11”. (30) $15

Wurlitzer, Scale, 69 Hold Tracker Par. Single sheet 10” X 14”. (3) $3.00

Wurlitzer. Diagram Showing Tube Connections for Bell Action and Xylophone Actions. Single sheet 24” X 19”. (16). $4.00

Baker Enterprises (Norman Baker, inventor of the Tangley Calliope) fold out brochure illustrating calliopes, rides with the Calliaphone, and many strange and delightful motor vehicles carrying calliopes including one with a big chicken on it!. 8 ¾” X 11 ¾”. 8 fold out pages in 3-color. (17) $12.

Niagara Musical Instrument Manufacturing Company catalog. 1911. Illustrated catalog of military band organs. 24 pages. 8 ½” X 11”. (11) $12.00

The Marvelous World of Music Machines. Weiss-Stauffacher. 10 ½” X 13” hardback book. Very nice condition book and dustjacket. 244 pages, mostly color illustrations of antique mechanical music with descriptions. $100 (1).


Updated September, 2011
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