Mechantiques is the country's largest dealer in mechanical musical instruments. We buy, sell and trade all forms of mechanical musical instruments such as disc or cylinder type music boxes, musical clocks, coin operated pianos (often called nickelodeons or orchestrions), band organs, carousel organs, monkey organs, phonographs with horns, automata, mechanical singing birds, organettes, etc. - anything in antique mechanical music.

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Fine Antique Mechanical Musical Instruments For Sale


HP-38 Singing Bird Automata in Cage. Lovely and unusually styled cage for mechanical bird. Probably pre-1900. Base is bombe shaped and decorative. Bird is in very good condition for age. Singing works and head moves fine, but tail barely moves and beak is not moving at all, will need some restoration. $1,600. [SOLD]


HP-40 Atwater Kent Radio Very heavy Atwater Kent radio with separate speaker, metal cabinets. I don't know anything about these, and have not tried it! $350.


QRS Play-A-Sax in Original Box.  Neat QRS Play-A-Sax with a very nice condition original box and three rolls, two of which are in original boxes.  Slight swelling to the pot metal gear cover.  Otherwise looks very nice.  $185.

Rolmonica Player Harmonica. Scarcer model in metal case. Nice condition with most of the original box. Only one roll with it. $125.

Pianolodeon Toy Player Piano.  Maroon Pianolodeon plastic piano.  Unrestored from the 1950's?  With six rolls.  [HOLD]

Large Carved Musical Chalet Opens To Jewelry Box. Center opens to a jewelry box. Tremendous detail. Very nice 9” Mermod Freres 8-tune movement, looks like it has has some restoration in the past, plays well but has a few squeaks. PRICE REDUCED TO $3250

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Group of forty Style “C” Capital Cuffs.
We have about 40 Style C cuffs in only fair but playable or easily repairable condition available at $40 each. We also have a few nice style B cuffs at $50 each. Minimum purchase of five cuffs.

Automatic Harp. This is an “Automatic Harp” made by the Ward-Stilson Co. of New London, Ohio. A small wood instrument that looks sort of like a harp, 21” high by 10” wide, has a small music box type movement in it. Finish is fair. $275.


OZ-3 English Musical Ceramic Vase. Ceramic human head design (perhaps King Edward?) with musical movement. Notated “Bretenby”. $85 (ebay auction 2/13/06)

Musical Album. Red velvet, metal "Album" script on top, very good condition, plays well. $275.


K-104 Books on Mechanical Music. Listed and priced separately – request a current list at 


Important Art Deco Art Glass Windows. Set of three large high Art Deco windows from a bank building in New Mexico. These are fabulous “high” Art Deco design, obviously custom made for this bank, believed to be from the 1920’s or 1930’s. Fine condition. One window (photos) has be reframed in a very expensive art deco frame, the other two are as they came out of the building (you can have the other two reframed, it cost us about $3000 for the custom frame for the first window, done by a metal sculptor here in Eureka Springs). Window is 36” wide, 62” high, frame is 40” wide, 66 Ľ” high, 2” deep. The photos do not do justice to the window because of the lack of lighting behind it when the photos were taken. Truly an extraordinary set. $15,000 for the set of three.


“Premier Jr.” Nickel Plated Cash Register Made By Michigan Cash Register Co. Probably circa 1905 – 1910. Very nice all original condition. $800.


Early Brass Recording Telegraph Machine. Beautiful large all brass recording telegraph machine. Complete with wheel for paper inside drawer below. Made by Siemens Brothers & Co., London, #24079. PRICE REDUCED TO $1150

Original Carousel Chariot, Heavily Carved. We purchased this carousel chariot back in the 1980’s from Norton in Michigan, for our own collection, because the theme was so delightful and the carving so great. We felt that chariots represented the most “displayable” of carousel carvings because they can be disassembled and the carved side can be hung on a wall. I don’t recall the maker of the chariot, we once knew, but it is one of the top five carousel carving companies.  $5,500

OZ-78 Four Modern Xylophones. Two “marching” xylophones on metal harp frames, one in a suitcase, one set of barbells from Player Piano Supply. Presumably bought to make automatic xylophones to add to pianos or organs. $400 for the four as a lot.

The Encyclopedia is Back!  We have acquired a limited supply of brand new copies of the Encyclopedia of Automatic Musical Instruments by Q. David Bowers.  This 1000 page, heavily illustrated, oversized tome is the "bible" of mechanical music.  Only $100 postpaid in the U.S., two for $180, five for $400 while supply lasts.

BOOKS! BOOKS! BOOKS! We have lots of books and other paper material related to mechanical music. We have a separate book list, please email us for a copy. We have copies of Barrel Organ, Clockwork Music, and many other out of print books on mechanical music, some very scarce. 
Email us at to request our latest book list.

DISCS! DISCS! DISCS! We make no attempts to sell discs other than when someone buys a music box and wants extra discs. As a result we typically have over 1,000 discs in stock of various makes and sizes. Heavy concentration in Regina, Polyphon, Stella, Mira. If you want to buy in quantities of ten or more with no list, email or call us and we’ll send you a price list. Otherwise, please stop by and you can go through them. We also discounts for very large quantity purchase.

Mechanical Music Wanted To Buy – One Piece Or An Entire Collection. We are continually in the market to buy items to resell. Please let us know if you are thinking about selling. Quick decisions and quick payment – no risky and speculative consignments. We only buy outright.

Updated September, 2011
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 Mechantiques – Marty & Elise Roenigk

The Crescent Hotel & Spa
75 Prospect Avenue, Eureka Springs, AR 72632
Phone 479-253-0405.    Fax: 479-253-0406

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